West Coast Social Erding 2023

2023-06-09 - 2023-06-11 Erding

Join us for a cozy weekend of inspirational workshops and cool parties with top trainers Emeline & Jakub, who achieved world-wide fame with their creativity and partnership in dancing! Let yourself be enchanted by the friendly atmosphere and use the opportunity to re-awake your dance energy, so you may get the most out of this event. Meet with your friends on and of the dance floor to connect and reconnect. Sit down at the bar together, enjoy a good drink and catch up with each other; all in positive vibes.

We know that the last two years were hard for all of us and our social batteries might not be fully recharged yet. To provide you with some space to calm down, sort your mind and meditate we dedicate a whole separate „Zenroom“ to this! It will stay accessible at any time during the weekend, so you can find some private space for yourself and relax.

We really hope to make everyone feel like home, surrounded by friends, to create good memories of this cozy social event.