• Westie Spring Thing 2020

    Budapest, Hungary🇬🇧
  • West Coast Swing Workshop Weekend mit Marc Heldt

    Erding, Germany🇬🇧
  • February 2020
    02/28/-03/01/2020Euro Dance Festival 2020
    02/28/-03/01/2020Swingterfell 2020
    March 2020
    03/06/-03/08/2020Alpin Swing 2020
    03/06/-03/08/2020Fall, Fall in Swing
    03/06/-03/08/2020Mid Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam)
    03/13/-03/15/2020Nicole Clonch & Thibault Ramirez Workshop Weekend
    03/13/-03/15/2020Westie Spring Thing 2020 (WSDC Registry Event)
    03/20/-03/22/2020Chicago Classic
    03/20/-03/22/2020King Swing
    03/20/-03/22/2020Scotland Westie Fest 2020
    03/20/-03/22/2020Swing Escape
    03/27/-03/29/20205280 Westival 2020 (WSDC Registry Event)
    03/27/-03/29/2020Dutch Open West Coast Swing
    April 2020
    04/03/-04/05/2020Westy Nantes
    04/10/-04/12/2020OsterSwingDing 2020
    04/10/-04/12/2020Seattle Easter Swing
    04/10/-04/12/2020UK & European WCS Championships
    04/17/-04/19/2020Camp Westie 2020
    04/17/-04/19/2020City of Angels
    04/17/-04/19/2020City of Angels Swing
    04/17/-04/19/2020Go West Swing Fest
    04/17/-04/19/2020Swing In Capital
    04/17/-04/19/2020West In Nougat 2020
    04/24/-04/26/2020Comp Camp 2020 Freiburg L1
    04/24/-04/26/2020Detonation Dance
    04/24/-04/26/2020Tahitian Open West Coast Swing 2020
    May 2020
    05/01/-05/03/2020KIWI Fest
    05/01/-05/03/2020MR Swing Festival 2ème Édition
    05/01/-05/03/2020Mad Mad West 2020 (WSDC) Madrid - Spain
    05/01/-05/03/2020Swing in den Mai & Swing im Mai
    05/08/-05/10/2020Cirque du Swing 2020
    05/08/-05/10/2020Hungarian Open
    05/08/-05/10/2020TLV SwingFest
    05/08/-05/10/2020ULTRA Westie Fest 2020! The First Ever!
    05/08/-05/10/2020West Duck Swing 2020 = Festival3jours + Intensives
    05/15/-05/17/2020DC's Champions Weekend 2020
    05/15/-05/17/2020Orléans Swing Expérience #3
    05/22/-05/24/2020French Open WCS
    05/29/-05/31/2020Michigan Classic 2020! We are all made of stars!
    June 2020
    06/12/-06/14/2020Jack & Jill O'Rama
    06/19/-06/21/2020Napoca Swing Festival 2020
    06/19/-06/21/2020Neverland Swing
    06/26/-06/28/2020Liberty Swing Championships
    06/26/-06/28/2020Swing Fiction 2020
    July 2020
    07/03/-07/05/2020Wild Wild Westie 2020
    07/10/-07/12/2020PDF Swings 2020
    07/10/-07/12/2020Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Championships
    07/24/-07/26/2020Westie Bootcamp Canada - 2020
    07/31/-08/02/2020Workshopfestival 2020
    August 2020
    08/07/-08/09/2020Swing Fling
    08/07/-08/09/2020Swingtacular: The Galactic Open 2020
    08/21/-08/23/20204th Symphony Swing
    September 2020
    09/11/-09/13/2020Bavarian Open WCS 2020
    January 2021
    01/01/-01/03/2021Swing Union 2020
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