Neverland Swing 2024 (WSDC)

2024-06-27 - 2024-07-01 Almere

**** Here we go again NeverlandSwing 2024!! ****

The longest WSDC and Social running event in Holland is back!

NeverlandSwing is a cozy, inclusive and family like environment.
Experience quality teaching and dancing from your Pros and dancers, joyful moments and dances from the amazing beautiful attendees joining us every edition, a heart dedicated and caring ED, DJs and Team in incredible, authentic venues.

A never ending Fantasy with the spirit to maximize social interaction before competition. As Dance is at the Heart of this Event too we welcome all Routine Dancers and also hold a special Rising Star division.
This year it won't be any different!

✅ New Edition NeverlandSwing 2024
✅ special Newcomer Pass!
✅ special Weekend Pass for Social Dancers!
✅ Registration will start end of January:
✅ Short period for Single Followers for Full as Party Pass
✅ @Group Leaders: please get in touch with us first (It starts with Normal Bird)
✅ When eventhotel is fully booked, multiple Hotels in walking distance
✅ Upgrading to 3 full days of workshops and privates

- Amazing staff already confirmed:
* Lee Easton
* Fabienne Easton
* Heejung Jung
* Chuck Brown
* Lauren Jones
* Giulia Kohlrush
* Philippe Amar

❇️ Stay in touch with us directly here, through our updated website or in person.