Swing Generation - Reunion Edition!

02-04/09/2022 Erding


(Re-)Uniting our dance family so it may feel as good as it used to and we can continue where we left off!

Bringing together trainers from all around Europe, we aim to rebuild all our international connections, on and off the dance floor!

Reemerging from the pandemic, Swing Generation is back better than ever!

To not conflict with other popular events taking place around the same time, We decided to reschedule to the beginning of September to give everyone the opportunity to join this year’s edition and not miss out on this exciting social (dance) experience.

Our venue remains the same as last time, though, after some big renovations it now is even cooler and provides even more space for even more dancing! Having said that, we almost doubled our trainer line up to provide you with the best possible input and the most enjoyable way to get closer to your dancing goals.

As this is a pure social event, we focus all of our resources on setting the mood and getting everybody into the zone. We understand that it has been a while for most of us and not everybody is used to seeing and interacting with so many people anymore. Therefore, we dedicate a whole room to chill out and recharging your social battery. There will also be a small midnight snack to help you power through to night.

After the Event is before the Event! We will have some fun social activities planned for you to spend some time together before Bavarian Open (WCDC)! So make it double the fun and have two amazing dance events back to back no more than 1 hour away from each other!


Big plus: If you have registered for Bavarian Open the weekend after, you get a 15 Euro discount with the code: Bavarian_Open_2022