Neverland Swing 2023 (WSDC)

29-06 t/m 03-07-2023 Utrecht

**** Here we go again NeverlandSwing 2023!! ****
Our lineup will be presented later on this year!
Longest WSDC and Social running event in Holland!
NeverlandSwing is a cozy, inclusive and family like environment. Experience quality teaching and dancing from our Pros and dancers, joyful moments and dances from the amazing beautiful attendees joining us every edition, a heart dedicated and caring ED, DJs and Team in incredible, authentic venues.
A never ending Fantasy with the spirit to maximize social interaction before competition. As Dance is at the Heart of this Event too we welcome all Routine Dancers and also hold a special Rising Star division.
This year it won't be any different!
✅ New Edition NeverlandSwing 2024
- special Newcomer Pass!
- special Weekend Pass for Social Dancers!
- Registration will start end of January:
- Short period for Single Followers for Full as Party Pass
- @Group Leaders: please get in touch with us first (It starts with Normal Bird)
- New amazing location!!
- NLS Hotel Discount
- Preliminary schedule will be uploaded
- Amazing staff already confirmed:
Heejung Jung
Lee Easton
Fabienne Easton
Chuck Brown
Lauren Jones
❇️ Stay in touch with us directly here ä, website or in person. In order to prevent spams, post might be deleted or might need approval from the admins, depending on the amount of Junks.